The LawMate RD10 is a perfect counter surveillance pocket device. Using the same technology as the popular Lawmate SC1000, the device is perfect for picking up hidden camera lenses in a dark room.

This unit also has an RF detector which will identify a camera or audio device broadcasting from 20Mhz to 6Ghz Powered by 2 x AAA batteries.


LawMate’s RD-10


Super Fast Sweeps For RF Bugs From 20 MHz to 6 GHz
Locates And Detects Hidden Cameras That Are On Or Off, Wired Or Wireless, Dead Or Alive!

A new rugged professional grade Bug (RF Detector) that gives you super fast scans and instant hidden camera detection all in one small state-of-the-art professional grade unit! You can quickly scan a room for RF detection and also instantly scan for hidden cameras that are wired, wireless, on/off dead or alive. The view finder on the unit finds any camera lens no matter what type of camera it is. With advanced settings and rugged design for repeated professional use, this new detector hands you professional sweep gear in a highly portable and light-weight size that is easy on your budget! This little baby is small measuring in at a mere 3 inches X 1.75 inches X .5 inches thick!

Specifications And Advantages:

• Four Detectors In One!
• Hidden Camera Detector
• Finds Hidden Cameras On/Off-Wired/Wireless
• Blink Camera Scanner View Finder On/Off To Find Them Fast!
• Fast RF Scanner Detector- 20 MHz to 6 GHz
• Detects Cell Phone And GPS Transmissions
• Digital And WiFi Detection
• Silent Pocket Vibration Mode
• Sensitivity Adjustment
• RF Signal Strength Meter Color Light Array
• Hidden Camera Finder Blink On/Off
• Light Weight And Small
• Telescoping Antenna
• Instantly Toggles RF Detection To Hidden Camera Detection
• Professional Law Enforcement Grade