LawMate PV-RC400UW



The PV-RC400UW camera is the 6th generation device from LawMate introducing exceptional 4K Ultra HD video quality with the added benefit of P2P Wi-Fi connectivity. Once connected to a smart device, the LawMate app provides full setting control and live view allowing for real-time adjustments. The PV-RC400UW camera system is also fitted with a vibration feedback system providing silent and tactile cues for each mode change ensuring complete discretion during operation.


Discretely designed, you can put the RC400UW key fob on your own key ring and never worry about it being detected. At the touch of a button the camera will start up and be ready to record video in a couple of seconds. This key fob DVR covert camera will vibrate quickly to let you know what it is doing (this feature is switchable). Video is captured on to the supplied 128gb Micro SD card which will hold around 4+ hours of video (@ UHD resolution) and many stills photos. MicroSD cards can be used up to 256gb in size.


Unlike many other devices we have seen, the PV-RC400UW records at up to 3840×2160 4K UHD resolution (at 25/30fps) providing ultra clear and smooth video as well as excellent sound quality. Using the Wi-Fi app, you can also select 1080p or 720p resolutions at up to 120fps. As with all LawMate covert recording devices, the video can be watermarked with a time and date stamp for evidential grade recordings. To watch the video you have recorded or view the photos you have taken, you can simply connect the RC400UW to any computer using the supplied USB-C cable. The device will act as a mass storage device (card reader) allowing you to play and watch your videos. You can also review captured footage using the LawMate smart app software via a Wi-Fi connection (Android or iOS).


The benefit of Wi-Fi:

With the ability of Wi-Fi connectivity, you can instantly review the footage you have captured on a smartphone or tablet and you can live-stream the video content up to a distance of  25 feet. The Wi-Fi connectivity permits the user to download the captured content wirelessly. The Wi-Fi application also allows full control over the device, including resolution settings (4K/2.7K/1080p/720p), the ability to set and sync the time and date with your smart device, format the SD card and start/stop recording. Once the device is set-up, you can also ‘hide the SSID’ so no one else can find your RC400UW key fob wirelessly.



  • 4K UHD video quality
  • Video & Photo capable (5mp photos)
  • Photos: Jpeg format 2592×1944.jpg
  • Watermarked day/date/time stamping
  • Law Enforcement grade video & audio capture
  • Continuous recording for up to 110 minutes (Wi-Fi off) 75 minutes (Wi-Fi on)
  • Supports up to a 256gb Micro SD card
  • USB type-C connection
  • H.264 .MOV file format
  • Dimensions: 71x35x18mm


Wi-Fi Application features:

  • Live view
  • Android and iOS application compatible
  • Ability to switch between standard or motion detection recording
  • Live start/stop recording
  • Set the time & date / synchronise with your smart device time
  • 4K/2.7K/1080p/720p switch
  • 120 frames per second & 60 frames per second recording option (1080p or 720p)
  • 25fps support
  • Card formatting function
  • SSID visible/hide switch
  • Download feature